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Lash Extensions

I woke up like this

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Classic Lashes 

1 false lash is adhered to 1 natural lash for a flawless and natural result. This is like your lashes but better and different lengths can be used to achieve a bit more drama if wanted. Fulness of final result depends on amount of natural lashes you have - the only thing we can adjust is length.

Full set: $100

2-3 week refill: $75

2-2.5 hours

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eZy Watermark_13-11-2023_02-40-09-1950PM.JPG

Volume Lashes

2+ false lashes adhered to 1 natural lash. Includes any wispy, cat eye, volume sets. More of a glam look but can still be made to look natural depending on the density of the lash fan and length.

Full set: $175

2-3 week refill: $110

2.5 hours

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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