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Throw away those brow pencils.

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Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre Powder Brows is the the longest lasting technique and is great for all skin types as well as covering up previous work.


The name ombré simply means a transition from light fronts to a darker rest of the brow. The soft powdery fronts are what keep the technique looking natural. Clients can choose to make this style as sharp and defined or as soft and powdery as they’d like.

Price: $400 (touch-up additional price)

Feather brows is our unique and specialized technique that creates a very natural, fluffy, and full appearance using a machine to create strokes. 


Unlike traditional microblading, which creates micro-cuts with a manual blade, our feather brow technique is done completely with machine, creating much less trauma on the skin. This leads to more retention and overall longer lasting results.


Price: $400 (touch-up additional price)

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Feather Brows

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Microshading is a combination of Microblading strokes and ombre powder brows. Strokes are created with machine in the front of the brow and then shading takes place in the remainder of the brow.


This is great for those who have sparse hair in the fronts of their brows but still want a more defined look with sharper tails.


Price: $450 (touch-up additional price)

Hybrid Brows

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