is microblading the right technique for me?

3 Questions to ask yourself before getting Microblading

So you’ve probably heard of this new cosmetic tattoo technique that supposedly fills in your brows with hair like strokes, leaving an incredibly natural result. You may be thinking to yourself “Does such a technique really exist?” or “Is it really possible to tattoo hair like strands and fool everyone that they’re 100% natural?”. The answer to these questions are yes BUT unfortunately, this technique is not suited for everyone. Keep reading to figure out if this is the best technique for you!

First thing's First - What is Microblading?

First thing’s first: What is Microblading? Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo which utilizes a small blade-like tool to create micro-cuts in the skin, ultimately implanting the selected pigment color within each micro-cut. In simple terms, tiny cuts are made in the skin and filled with pigment to mimic natural hairs. Typically the entire brow is worked on regardless of how much natural hair the client has. Two sessions minimum are required for best results (initial session and perfection touchup which is done 1-3 months after) and you can expect the results to last anywhere from 9-18 months. Now that you understand what Microblading is, let’s find out if its right for you!

1. What is your skin type?

The #1 most important determinant is your skin type. If you have normal or dry skin with small pores then this technique may be a good option for you (assuming the remaining indicators do not apply!). 

However, if you have oily skin or large pores then I highly recommend you look into a powdered technique such as Ombre Powder Brows. This is due to the nature of the technique; for the most natural results the strokes/cuts created in the skin must heal as crisp and defined as natural hairs to blend seamlessly. Unfortunately, large pores and oily skin types tend to heal more blurred and a clear difference can be seen between real hairs and micro bladed strokes. 

Furthermore, depending on the client’s natural hair flow and brow density, strokes may need to be placed closer or further apart from each other to blend in. On oily skin or skin with large pores, there is a much higher chance that once healed, adjacent strokes blur into one large and unnatural appearing stroke 😳 Definitely not a good look!  

While this applies to all techniques, longevity is also something to consider when choosing a technique. Microblading lasts anywhere from 9-18 months on most clients but if you have oily skin expect it to last anywhere from 6-9 months before needing another touchup. Even if you are willing to maintain them with semi-annual touchups, there are only so many times that an artist can touch up the same blurred strokes before they start looking like a messier version of powder brows. For this reason I highly advise against Microblading if your skin leans towards the oily side 🙈 However, if your skin is normal or slightly dry then that is a big ✅ but let’s see if any other important indicators apply!

2. Do you have Virgin Brows

If you have never had any form of cosmetic tattoo done on your brows then they are considered virgin brows and that is ideal for Microblading ✅ On the other hand, if you have had your brows tattooed in the past and are looking for a natural coverup solution, then Microblading is not the technique for you and I’d recommend looking into a powdered technique. 

If previous work exists and Microblading is done overtop, the micro bladed strokes will simply blend right in with the previous work once healed, leaving a very unnatural and unpleasant finish. In addition, if your previous tattoo has changed color to a red, blue, purple, or other unnatural hue, then Microblading does not offer the opportunity for color correction, whereas powder brows do (covered in depth in another blog!). 

Granted, if your old tattoo is very dark or saturated, I recommend scheduling several sessions of tattoo removal first as over saturated brows will not accept any more pigment, regardless of whether Microblading or powder brow technique is done! If an artist tells you otherwise, then please do not trust them because they are only interested in the money and not in your best interest🙈

The verdict here is, if you have previous work on your brows that has not completely and 100% faded away, then I recommend going with a powder technique which offers the opportunity for color correction and cover up.

3. How often do you wear makeup?

Random question right? WRONG! 👄 If you are a beauty guru and paint your brows sharp and defined, then Microblading will not satisfy your needs at all. You will still feel the need to draw in your brows and the dream of waking up with perfect brows and saving time will quickly be shattered 😔 I’ve lost track of the amount of times clients come in asking for Microblading because of its natural appearance but then when they’re fully healed, they come back asking to go bolder, and more filled in, leading us to switch over to powdered brows.

However, If you’re someone who wears very natural  makeup or none at all and simply want to fill in several parts of your brows that are sparse, then Microblading may very well be for you. It is meant to be a very natural technique so just like you can see skin through natural brows, you will be able to see skin through the microbladed strokes because that is ultimately what makes them natural! If you think this will bother you, opt to go with ombre powder brows.

The Verdict 👩‍⚖️

Get microblading if:
  • You have normal/dry skin with small pores
  • Have no previous tattoo on your brows
  • Wear very natural makeup or no makeup on a daily basis
Consider Ombre Powder over Microblading if:
  • You have oily skin or large pores
  • Have previous work on your brows
  • Wear makeup often or draw on your eyebrows very sharp/defined

Of course if you find a qualified artist you’ll want to go over your options with them and see what they tell you but definitely use these points as a guideline to discuss with your chosen provider. I hope this helps and if you have any questions drop a comment down below! ☺️

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  1. This is so true. My sister who had permanent brows done previously, had another pmu artist do the microblading and once healed, they looked hideous! She recently started tattoo removal sessions but still has a long way to go. Valuable information, thank you!

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